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UniFund AI

Taking into account the market trends and the great popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the company UniFund AI has developed an innovative solution to attract investment.

Combining the strategies of a hedge fund and venture investors, the UniFund AI team has created a highly sought-after product in the market, diversifying investments in the trading company UniTrade AI and the startup incubator UniCore AI. Risk diversification is achieved through an efficient capital allocation scheme.

UniCore AI

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UniTrade AI

UniTrade AI is an automated trading robot based on machine learning algorithms


Works 24/7

UniTrade AI does not need a rest and time for sleep. It does not stop analytics and trading, operating 24 hours a day. Earn a passive income while you do your own business. The trader robot will do all the work for you.


AI and machine learning

The algorithm is determined by a neural network that is constantly evolving. It analyzes trends and forecasts 24 hours a day. Each time the system perfects its trading skills to make better transactions and mitigate risks.


Matrix analysis

Analysis of 500+ cryptocurrencies using more than 70 methods for determining the best transactions.


Low risk

The high-security level is the main paramount of the UniTrade AI operation. The system independently maintains a profitable low-risk strategy. However, access to the fund's withdrawal is available only to the robot’s owner in manual mode.


Trading on multiple exchanges

Got tired of lots of different apps? UniTrade AI trader robot makes transactions simultaneously on multiple exchanges with hundreds of cryptocurrencies in a "single window". It's convenient, efficient, and profitable!


Stable profit

Automatic trading using proven trading strategies. No emotions, no influence of signals, pumps and swaying. Only strictly verified actions of robot that are based on the mathematical calculations of profitability.

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